Sunday, November 26, 2006

To Be A Little Girl Again...

Today Rachel went to a friend's American Girl Party to watch "Molly's American Girl Movie" Premiering on The Disney Channel. She had fun and my friend, Emily's Mom Linda...Well she knows how to throw a party for girls. She had crafts and treats that were so fun... and Shirley Temple Drinks. How fun! These girls had a blast and this photo shows them with all their American Girl Dolls. -Oh, to be 9 again! What fun we had and the movie made me cry! I am a big sap!!! Cudo's Linda!-You make it fun to be a mom too! Posted by Picasa

My Son...

You are a great son Zac. You are always cheerful and drive me crazy trying to get my attention and you make me laugh, you get me going and keep me on my toes! I am very proud of you....and hope you always know that. Your sweet side touches my heart and this photo shows us very happy on our Thanksgiving Day. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a son such as you.
- Love Mom XO Posted by Picasa

Rachel's Thanksgiving

Wow...isn't my daughter a cutie! We did her hair like her American Girl Doll and she looked so cute on this day. I am sure thankful for her! She is my sweet daughter!

Love Ya Rachel! Always stay my sweet girl! XO Posted by Picasa

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