Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nashville TN Anniversary Trip

18 years of marriage 10/17/2010 brought us here! Mark and I traveled to Nashville TN for our anniversary over Fall Break and our neighbors were kind enough to look after our kids while we were gone a couple of days! Thanks to them. That allowed them to be able to look after Simon at home :)

We had a great time going to the speak-easys and the many placed to see live music. The talent down there is amazing and they only work for tips! The bar owners do not pay them, and the ask for tips and will play just about anything you ask of them! We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and a visit to the Grad Old Opry (Photo taken Here) for a show where we saw some great artists. The Opry is a stage show but they do their own commercials still like a "radio' show which is so quaint and shows the history of Country Music. We got to see Josh Thompson, Laura Bell and Rascal Flatts. I don't think there seems to be a bad seat in the house at that place and the humor is very funny and reminded me of Hee Haw, the old country variety show that I grew up on. I could definitely live down there because it is beautiful country and a wonderful drive of about 5 hours and the Fall leaves were still showing their beauty off! If you care to take a look at all of our photos, click here for my facebook album.

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