Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yeah, I am a Harley Girl...

Linda, Thanks ;) for coming and having your Harley Dude come and give me a ride! It was a lot of fun! Thanks Jim :)

My mother happened to be here at the time getting the scoop on our Hawaii Vacation and looking at photographs and you stop by with your leather jacket telling me I gotta ride! Well, my mother always told me not to get on motorcycles-they are dangerous! So me being the rebel that I am... I went on a ride! Here I am on a Harley and I have decked my MYSPACE out in Harley duds! Check it out!


We are back from Hawaii and it was a wonderful, educational and relaxing vacation! Here is the family at Niwiliwili Bay ready to go to Duke's Restaurant on the beach and then off to a luau show! We explored lots of places on Kauai and had a great time with Grammy & Papa. It was hard to leave them and such a lovely place. Maybe we will go back again sometime! You wouldn't have to twist my arm ;) Mahalo~Grammy & Papa!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm So Excited... And I Just Can't Hide It

I am pretty excited! My first trip to Kawai, Hawaii! Even though I have been to many places in Mexico including Cabo San Lucas (which is gorgeous), Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and many places in Florida, Bahamas, and Caribbean...well-those are just a few of my favorites... I know Hawaii will be a whole different culture to experience and the kids will learn so much. Their grandparents are very excited to show them everything! They have been whale watching and I can't wait to see that, experience a luau, a waterfall, snorkeling and hand feeding the fish.

My son wants to learn to Surf....well, let's just say that makes MOTHER a bit nervous...but I am up for it if he is brave and really wants to try it. Rachel says her class will be watching the weather in Hawaii while she gone, and brought home a note about a Luau Picnic they will be having during lunch one day. She thinks it is a celebration of her being in Hawaii...and that is fun for her to think that!

The plane ride will be long, Rachel will have to practice those 7/8 multiplication flash cards. She will be with her Dad who loves Math so he will have to get her into the concept of DIVISION. He is great about that as he was working with my son tonight on how to measure circumferences and how to figure things. I am pretty much clueless on that stuff so I am glad he can help with 6th grade math!!! We will work on some Math Workbooks that Rachel got for Christmas too, and she will be reading books on the plane! I am excited for them to experience travel, even though the plane rides will be long. It sure is an experience and I want them to remember it all so they will have to write it in their journals that I made for them. We will print some photos and put them in the journal after we get back so I will be excited for her to be able to share it with her class...I am sure she will be too!
So we are off to Hawaii... I will be offline most of the time enjoying myself -ALOHA!

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