Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snow Bunny!

Rachel, you are a beautiful girl inside and out! I just love some of these photos that I took of you playing so light-heartedly in the first big snow of! What big flakes!

Agony of Defeat!

Zac has been training for 7th/8th grade Middle School Wrestling and they had their first meet the other day, Tuesday. They ended up winning against Riverside Middle School in Fishers, but Zac did not win his match :(

Here is Zac ready to start the match. He has a good look of determination in his walk! Slimming down, watching his weight and reaching his goal to get from 144 to 140. He went out there looking great and giving it his all for Jr. Varsity.

His opponent looked a bit bulkier...but he must have had just the experience and the bulk to keep Zac down. I hope that Zac used it as a learning experience and still continues to strive to do his best!

Needless to say Mom & Dad are really proud of him :) Win or Loose...the boy has been giving it his best effort and that is what is most important!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's New With Tracey...

Well, we are well on our way at Our Creative Outlet! My design buddies from Scrapbook Corner are now designing all kinds of Valentine Goodies at Logan Village Mall in the heart of Downtown Noblesville! I am posting a photo of my latest creation that is also available on Ebay. I will have this on display at Our Creative Outlet if you would like to see it and purchase it there for $35.00 or if you aren't local and want to buy it on Ebay with only $8 shipping! Here's the link to my "Key 2my Heart Glass Block Lightbox"...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Bringing in 2009 New Year w/my honey at Wolfie's! We met up with some local friends so we could be close to home and brought in the new year dancing and having a good old time! I even saw an old friend from High School that I recognized (Paula!) was a fun night! To see more photos of my night go to my facebook and add me as your friend!

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