Saturday, June 21, 2008

Almost Champs TOO!

Rachel's Team "THE STORM" was one point away from the championship on Monday night! They played a rival team sponsored by the same sponsor as ZAC's Baseball Team!...But these girls played their heart out and just about pulled it off this time. Here they are sporting their medals for Babe Ruth Softball! Congrats are our champions!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost The Championship!

Well, it's hard to believe these boys almost made it to the Championship after only winning one game during the regular season near the end. Then going into the loser's bracket and winning TWO MORE GAMES...brought them close to the championship game last night -leading the game against Logan Street Signs & Banner TEAM then only loosing by two points was amazing season and something they can be very proud of!
Rock on LAW!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, after a week of CYO Camp the kids are glad to be back home. Mark and I stayed home for "STAY"cation and pretended like we were in a hotel (but it was our house)...going out each night for dinner (Was NICE!)...but the maid was off duty :(

The kids once again had a blast and probably would have stayed another week if they could. The week was one less day with a 24 hour delay because of all the rain down in Southern Indiana. They did end up having pretty good weather Tuesday & Wednesday. They got all their activities in! Check out Rancho Framasa's CYO Camp.

Here's Rachel's Group:

Rachel was happy to be with the big girls who were 11yrs. old, not like last year she had to be with the little girls!

Here's Zac's Group:

When Zac got there they asked if he was "16 years old!" because of how tall he is. Here you can't tell his height because he is at the bottom of the pyramid! He's the one with the black hat and Ryan, his cousin is in the red hat! Zac is about 5-7 now and GROWING like crazy!!!

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