Sunday, October 04, 2009

Lindsey Open House at IN State

My neice Lindsey had an open house at her sorority this weekend at IN State University and she showed us around and we went to was a nice day and great to see where she is during the school year. She is going to be 21 this month and growing up to be such a great young lady. She was my flower girl in our wedding in it is hard for me to believe she is going to be 21 this year!!! Here's a photo of her as my flower girl and a photo this past weekend of me next to her, with my mom and her Dad behind and Mark behind me. Thanks Lindz for a special time with you :)

Zac got to pitch

Zac got to pitch for a bit during his game last week. He did a great job and if he practiced a while he could actually be a good pitcher because he has good form! It's hard to know when to let the ball go...but He looked good doing it! :)

Zac Guitar Lessons

Zac has been taking guitar lessons for a while now and I am very proud of how he is coming along! He can play several songs now and is having concerts for us occassionally when he has practiced new songs. He is not ready for video taping, but when he is I will post one!!!

Rachel's New LOOK!

September 12, 2009
Rachel got her hair done and it looks awesome! She had it re-layered and foil highlights and here is her new look :) Beautious!!!

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