Monday, February 26, 2007

Scrapbook Corner Blog

Scrapbook Corner has a new Blog. Questions or comments about their blog? email with blog in the subject and they'll repond! This is the store that I work in and have been part of the Design Team since 2004! I am so excited to be designing again and can't wait for the challenges ahead. Happy Scrappin'

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow & Fog Days!?

Well not another day of the kids home...yes!!! Because of FOG. It was so foggy today and after a two hour delay, they closed the schools here. Last week they had three days off because of snow, we had a SNOW EMERGECY. I have taken some great photos, however of the kids having a blast in the snow. They haven't wanted to go outside because it's been so cold, but they love to be out in the snow! Here is Rachel after taking the sled down the driveway, she landed and I saw a photo op-so I said "HEY STAY THERE!"...this girl sure can pose!
Last week the kids made a snow fort and it was so cold out,
but I had to venture out and take some photos with my new lense. I just couldn't resist! As I fell through mounds of drifted snow, the kids were building and forming a snow fort and climbing in and out of it! I tried to brace myself...and here are a few photos tha I snapped in the process. I love my lense, it is a good change from getting so up close to my subjects. I like to do that, but not all the time. I like to catch them in action! Here I called out to Madison and Rachel to look over as they were
ready to climb through the tunnel.
Here is a photo of Zac digging through the tunnel
into the middle of it. His face shows how cold he is while he is persistant in getting the tunnel dug out! Snow days are quite interesting as the kids drive you nuts inside the house...I must remember how pleasent looking back on this day is and the special moments life does gives to us!

Monday, February 05, 2007

We Are The Champions!

Well, I believed in BLUE even after that first play of the Bears running that darn ball all the way to a touchdown!

I said..." can't go like this!" Mike, my friend and party host, reasured me that this has happened before in games and not to worry, it was still early. I wasn't worried after that and I believed in the BLUE to take it it all and be CHAMPIONS!!! And they have become what I knew they were all along... Here I am sharing the night with my hubby and sweet daughter and Mike's dog Lacy, the foot warmer!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Colts are #1

COLTS GONNA WIN THE SUPERBOWL! Mean People SUCK! I had all the Colts Songs on my profile through PROJECT PLAYLIST on myspace and someone has messed with me on there deleting them so they won't work now! Mean People must be a Bears Fan...Oh you goin' DOWN now! Or it could be someone messing with my Virtual Files on Virtual Space...well had to go back to the regular boring player and added Mudkids GO BLUE! So now what you got for me???? I'll kick some bootie...GO BLUE! Good thing I have all the songs on a CD and I will be BLARING it so *(*- You, whoever you are! COLTS GONNA WIN THE SUPERBOWL!

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