Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GO Colts!!!!!!!!!

Before leaving Cincinnati, we had Mark's dad take a picture of us in our Coltswear! On our way back from our Cincinnati Christmas Celebration we got to go straight to the COLTS Game. Mark and I had been to the tour, but this time the kids got to see the Stadium! Before the game we walked over to Hard Rock Cafe for Lunch! I always love going there to see all the Rock N' Roll Memorabilia!
When it was time to get to the game, we walked past the old RCA/Hoosier Dome that had recently been demolished. It's hard to believe this small stadium used to be our house when you see the massive Lucas Oil Stadium next to it. It's also kind of sad to see it be demolished, it could have been a great place to put a Pro Baseball Team or have concerts or something...but I guess that's how progress must go!
Here we are at the Colts game...Colts won the game against the TN Titans! We will both be in the playoffs... GO COLTS!!! I am posting more photos on my facebook page, here's the link to view more photos of our Lucas Oil Stadium Visit! You'll have to join facebook, but it's so much fun! Add me to your friend list & I will accept if you're nice :)

Christmas Travel To Cincinnati

We traveled to Cincinnati to see Mark's Family for Christmas for three days. Mark's mom always prepares such a beautiful dinner with steak and brocolli rice with all the fixins'. I crafted her Christmas Block by drilling a hole for some white lights with some rub-ons and ribbon as a gift shown in the photograph.

It was great that Laura could be there this year from Texas and we got her a really neat night light that had an equestrian rider on it. I found it on ebay!

The kids had a blast out on the deck playing with the marshmallow guns! Since they live on the golf course, we thought people would come to pick them up thinking the marshmallows are golf balls!!! HAAA!

Had A Happy Christmas!

Hoping all of you had a nice Christmas! We sure did as Santa came once again to visit our house. The kids must have been really good to both get guitars and just about everything on their list +++! The kids love how I wrap the doorway to get into the living room, they can run through it to get their glimpse of what santa brought.
They act like they really love each other as they hug after exchanging their own gifts to each other! :)
They are sporting their new robes that mom & dad got for them and staying very warm on this COLD winter's day!

We got to spend time with my side of the family the night before at Grandma Betty's and the kids exchange gifts and we do a white elephant that is always tons of fun! Here's a picture of all of Grandma Betty and her grandkids. They are all getting so big!!!

My dad invited us to a nice dinner at Murphy Steakhouse the Monday prior to Christmas. It was nice to get together and celebrate the season. Here he is with his wife Joanne.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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With the hard economic times going on, we hope this finds you all healthy & happy! We are holding our own and trying to stay afloat and this year I will be emailing most of my cards in this format to save on postage! We are still living in Noblesville, IN and Mark is still with Rockwell Automation and going on 10 years now!

Tracey had a great year but it ended on a sad note that her local scrapbook store closed! Since being on the Design Team since the opening in 2004, she will surely miss the store, the people and all the crafting! She still plans to keep up with her paper arts & scrapbooking with some local designers. They have leased a space in Logan Village Mall in Noblesville to sell some of their paper arts! They call it “Our Creative Outlet”.
Check it out online to see what goodies are in store!

Our kids Zac & Rachel continue to keep amazing us with their growth! Zac is 13 now, but already 5-9 in 8th grade at NMS. Rachel is 11 & almost 5ft and in 5th grade at NIS. They participated in Baseball and Softball which kept us at the ball field a lot this Spring-Fall. We got to go to Chicago for Spring Break this year and had a great time sight-seeing!

Keep up to date with our family at http://traceyscreativecorner.blogspot.com/ to see photos & what we have done this past year & in the future. PEACE is our hope for all in the coming year!

– The Bish Family –
Mark, Tracey, Zac & Rachel (Oh, & Simon too...Ruff, Ruff!)

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