Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We spent our Labor Day Weekend camping as we have the past two summers at the Dunewood Campground which is a rustic campsite without electricity. The only thing that saves it for me is there are bathrooms and showers not too far away from the site! The other factor that makes us return is the beach just a couple of miles away from our camp. The kids have a blast playing in the deep sand, skipping rocks, and digging for eternity! The scenery is superb and I look forward to it every year to be with my family and friends.

We go with my friend Linda’s family, which are a boy and girl that are the same age as Zac and Rachel and another friend Jon Brown, who brought his three boys. This year we decided to hike Mount Baldy, which in comparison to last year’s hike up Mount Tom was pretty lame. Although is was a nice short hike, we decided it was not a very hard trail at all but once we arrived there were plenty of dunes for the kids to roll down and climb back up to! The adults were fine with it and didn’t have to exert the energy, so we sat and enjoyed the beautiful sites while making a simple breakfast and watched the kids run full speed down the huge hill. After that a visit to the beach for the rest of the afternoon was on the agenda! It was fun for the kids to dig and play games even though the water was pretty chilly, thoroughly expected from our chilly summer!

The following day we made a train trip into Chicago wanting to explore and get some Gino’s Pizza. That stuff is the best pizza and worth the 25-minute wait in line to get in the restaurant to be seated! We shopped and went on the Magnificent Mile and Water Tower Place Mall before it was pizza time. After Gino’s we headed back to the train station while running into Kayla and her family after seeing the White Sox and Red Sox game. What are the changes that we run into them?’s like a needle in a haystack, one-in-a-million change that we left Gino’s at the exact right time to run into them. We said our goodbyes, after chatting and picture taking, it was back to the train station to catch our train at 11:15 getting us back to the campsite at 12:40. Everyone was exhausted!
The next day was for packing up and heading home. This photo was taken at our campsite the first morning that I couldn’t sleep from being chilled. Although, once I saw this site, I knew God was there and I felt at peace and a sense of warmth came over me. I know that He watches over us even though we are not expecting it and consoles us at all times. He has given us a beautiful earth which needs to be explored…

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