Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jason's Baptism

Jason's Baptism was today...we had a long drive and had to get up early but so worth it to see his smiles! Mark was the godfather and we got to have a quick visit with his family. I wish we could have stayed longer but Zac had an early baseball game (which looking back now, we probably could have missed!)...but when you are part of a team you can't let them down!

We went to mass and then the baptism was afterward, so it was LONG...but he was so cute in his little white suit and Mark held him afterwards and he was falling asleep.

He was such a good baby and I got to feed him after we got back to their house. What a cute baby BOY! It was good to visit with everyone but we had to head home and a lot of driving today (about 5 hours in the car, add that to yesterday when we had to drive to the south-side and DJ...that's a long weekend!)

I did enjoy watching Zac's game even though it was another loss. I love watching these boys play baseball because after so many years I know most of them and it's just FUN! Last game they won against Parker's team so they have ONE WIN! This photo was taken tonight as Zac's team-mate came into home and scored and Zac was up to bat and he congratulated him for making a RUN!

These boys are fun to watch and they look GREAT in their uniforms! it doesn't matter to me if they win or lose, of course it's more fun when they win...but It's the love of the game that matters and having FUN! I hope Zac always remembers that and it's not always about WINNING!...but how you play the game and your attitude! -GO Longhorns!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

When You're Gone...

I miss you when you're gone. Please don't stay away from me too long, k? Come home to me saftely. That's why I have to play this Avril Lavigne song "When You're Gone"...but I hope it won't be too long til I see you're face again -XOXO Love, Me

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Indiana & Warren Dunes Camping

We had a wonderful time camping with our friends at Indiana Dunes and taking a short trip up to Warren Dunes! This is a family photo taken at Warren Dunes. My favorite things about the trip was spending time with Family & Friends and seeing the look on my children's faces as they play in the sand and beaches! We will definitely go again!

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