Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Samantha's Sound of Music

My neice, Samantha, was is a play and was a NUN in Their rendition of THE SOUND OF MUSIC! It was a great play because I just love that musical. Here, Rachel and Grandma get a pose with the star NUN!
Here we are enjoying the show with Aunt Bobbi :) Thanks!

Goodbye Scrapbook Corner...I will miss you so much!

My local scrpabook store is closing after 4 great years being on their design team and working there for some time. I will miss everyone and everything about Scrapbook Corner in Noblesville :( Here we are a couple weeks ago bidding farewell to the beautiful place...
In the next photo you will find me making my last purchase with a great discount! I have spent over $1600 at this store over the past 4 years! They looked up my account. Don't tell my husband :) HAAAA!


I went to volunteer today at Biztown put on by Junior Achievement for Rachel's Omega 5th Grade Class! What fun...but hectic! Learning how to run a city in a day can be crazy, even thought they have been preparing for it for a while now in the classroom. I worked with a group in Peyton Mannings Wellness Center and Rachel was the CEO of the Recycle Center. We got to have lunch together even though we didn't work at the same locations and stop by each other's work whenever we could get away from the chaos! Here we are posing in front of Mr. Bones in my workplace. The kids liked him :)

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