Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Rachel

My daughter is now in the double digits...the big 10! I can't believe it! I love ya girl and I hope you had fun at your Hawaiian Birthday Pool Party Sleepover! -Mom XO

Back to School

Well it's that time again... I love it and hate it at the same time! All those school supplies and having to go back and get more on the first day of school if you don't get everything you need! I know the kids are ready to get back on schedule but don't want to have to be alert and quiet all day long to learn...but it is necessary.

We tell our kids that it is their MAIN JOB to go to school and learn to the best of their ability. I love it because they aren't here all day driving me nuts, but I miss them while they are gone at the same time. This does allow me to get some things done without hearing MOM 50million times a day, but I guess I miss it when it's gone. They come home soon enough to start buggin me again, but I wouldn't change it for the world! When the kids go back to school I try to get a photo of them on their first day, with those new shoes and backpacks-and it is so interesting the changes that happen through the year. Dreading all those papers that come home to look over I always like to praise them when they get good grades then tell them they must try harder when they fail or the grade is not up to our standards.

As we teach our kids to keep trying, I think of my own strengths and weeknesses and that I must also KEEP be a better mom and to get more accomplished during the day, however I feel myself fall short most of the time. As a mother, wife, friend, teacher ...etc., there are so many things pulling me in different I strive to stay organized and keep the important things that I want to remember! Sure I love scrapping those school photos and report cards, but I also want to remember how I feel. Hence my BLOG. it is so much fun to look back on things even though I don't write everyday-I love to go back and see how I felt just a month ago and as you keep doing it when you have time-maybe go back to YEARS!

I have also started journaling when I go on trips. this is a great way to remember all the days and where you went and what you did. I often forget and the days start running into each other and I forget from day to day what we enjoyed. By journaling every day and listing what you did, you can easily go back and Scrapbook your trip with ease. I use my laptop and a WORD document to keep track of all the days!

Scrapbooking is also a way to archive your feelings and for your kids to look back and see what they've accomplished. I am hoping they appreciate it someday more than they do currently. Nobody ever did it for me as a child, and it would have been nice! Scrapbooking is a way to BLOG with visual aspects and all the fun embelishments used to make your feelings important -SO DON'T Forget to journal on your scrapbook pages. Someone in the future might not get it, unless there is a story behind it!

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