Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here are my kids, ready to go trick or treating! Well, one of them is like my son...but you can't see his face. He is our neighbor Shane! The witch is my daughter Rachel and the one in the mask is Zac, my boy! They collected almost 10 lbs. of candy between the two of them. They said Shane probably got that much on his own! Wow...to be a kid again!... I think they had a blast. We live where we have just enough trick or treaters. I went through almost 3 bags, so not too bad! I hope you had a great halloween. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Altered Board

I altered this metal board and you can do this with bulletin boards too. I added cork on the sides and painted with metal paint and used a patina. I am very proud of how this turned out using beads to create magnets and push pins with beads. This is in my Scrapbook Studio and I plan to add quotes and photos to this making it a very FUN thing! Try to alter one to your taste if you have the time, or make the time to be crafty...it releaves stress and makes you feel good about yourself! -Well after the clean up is done!... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Balloon Visit

Last week we had a visit from a balloon in our airspace. It always makes me think of Wizard of Oz when I see them - are they trying to get Dorothy home? Well, probably not...it's just a joy ride! But it sure is fun to use your imagination though, isn't it?

This photo shows the top of my house with the fall leaves that have changed to orange. It reminds us of the beauty in our world and the surprise that life brings everyday! Take time to enjoy your world today and BLOG IT! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Wow! Lindsey...you are 18 years old today. Well it's late and it's actually the next day now...but I hope you know I have been thinking of you today.

Lindsey is my niece and the photo shows her with my daughter Rachel last mother's day. You two are so cute together and pose so well for my camera. It might be because we are all scrapbookers and we know we must have good photos! Haaa. I can hardly believe what a beautiful lady you have become. Stay sweet, I know you always will be! I love that program Picasa. I have been playing with effects on my photographs and love the soft lense. I also added shadow and highlights on this photo and it looks like you are both glowing here. You are both angels anyway~!

Tracey - Journaling 10/18/06 Posted by Picasa

My Kids...So Proud!

I really do have more recent photographs of my kids but I like to go back and look at older ones because they are going so fast!

Here was a photo of Rachel, at the time 8 and Zac 11 in front of a water wheel and garden at ROCK CITY. They are so cute here I can hardly stand it! After parent/teacher conferences this week and getting report cards I am even more proud of them...can it be possible? I love you both so so much!

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If you have ever driven to Tennesee you might have seen the signs along the way that say ROCK CITY. It is painted on old barns and billboards as you go as we did from Indiana to Chattanooga, TN for Spring Break 2006. We ventured to Rock City on one of our many outings there and loved it!

Here is Mark with Zac and Rachel posing as if they are holding up a massive rock. Although Mark is very strong...I DON'T THINK SO!...it is a rock formation and you can actually walk underneath the rock. Indeed it is a great photo!

We had so much fun there and tons of great pictures. We also went to RUBY FALLS and the CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY MUSEUM. We also loved the Mellow Mushroom Restaurant there in Chattanooga and would go back to visit our server, she was so nice that we went twice while we were there for four days!

I would venture to say that we would go back anytime if the opportunity presented itself!

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