Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yeah, I'm 42...but all together we are have over 183 years of Experience!!!

For my birthday I wanted to go to Red Lobster! Then Mary's Family came over and we did a log cake from Dairy Queen showcasing all of our birthdays' we totalled up how many years we got (I'm only 42, the youngest!!! HEE HEE)

I just love this pic Mary took of me and my honey at the Lobster :) we had a blast!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baseball & Softball Opening Day Games!

Happy Birthday To My Mom!

Well it was opening day at Logan Field! Zac had his first game and he made a good hit...but the rain came in and the score ending in a 14-9 loss. I am sure their next game will be better tomorrow. I didn't get to see it, but saw that there had been many improvements to the field and I am anxious to go see the game, but drove up to see a nice new rod iron gate today, so I may have to skip out of my meeting early tomorrow and see him play!

Rachel's team "The Storm" won, something like 12-6! They played their former coaches team and Rachel kept razzing him that "they were going down!"...and they did! Rach got to play catcher, and third base for an inning, which was cool and she did a great job! They are a pretty good team!

Thanks Linda for the pics!

After the game we took a DQ cake over to my mom's and celebrated her 76th Birthday! It was a great day to be alive in America!!! There's nothing better than Baseball and ice cream cake!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Teen Parenting Insight

A couple blogs ago I mentioned that Zac is a teen now!!! So I thought I had to learn more about the teens now adays. I still remember when I was a teen, however times have changed! So my friend Linda and I venture out to meet my sister at Chatard Parents In Touch to see Dr. Sipes who was the speaker tonight to explain why our teens, called the Millennial Generation, are considered "The New Greatest Generation."

According to Dr. Sipes, this unique generation is characterized as having greater mobility, better and faster communication, and more money than any generation since World War I. Additionally, Millennials are upbeat, optimistic, well-educated, and comfortable with diversity. They typically care about family and friends, and they actually desire a long-term "friendship" relationship with parents.

Dr. Sipes addressed practical concerns we face with these teens, like alcohol and drug abuse, constant cell phone use, texting, inappropriate song lyrics, and when dating should start. Dr. Sipes' new and more powerful way of parenting, Soulful Parenting, promises that we can positively influence our teens in the here and now, as well as preserve a healthy relationship for the future.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicago Trip–Spring Break

Tuesday –
Rainy day in high 40s
We set off around 8:30am to head to Chicago. We got to check in early at Best Western River North Hotel. We all walked over to American Girl and Rachel and mom had lunch and shopped at American Girl.
Lunch was a very special experience with Cinnamon Roll Appetizer, Fruit Tic-Tack-Toe Pepperoni Pizza. There were probably about 10 girls celebrating their birthdays and we had to hear the staff sing many times. Dessert was fun getting a special sugar flower cookie, an angel food cake with icing and a flower pot of chocolate mouse and a cute daisy sticking out of the top of it. Marisol, Rachel’s doll got to have a seat with us and a cup & saucer as if she was part of our group!

Rachel decided upon the Hawaii Outfit for her and her doll. Mark and the kids went swimming at Best Western Hotel Pool-it was too cold for Mom! Our room was ok, except for the fitted sheets would not stay on the beds! HAAA We gave it a C. We took cab to Gino’s East, there was one around the corner from us but we went to another one. The pizza is awsome! It was not really the one that we wanted to go to, so we spent $13 each way to take a cab… but I guess you learn!

When we got back to the hotel we watched “I Am Legend Movie”…very good movie!

Wednesday –
Sunny day in the 50s
We ate lunch at The Rainforest Café – VERY COOL PLACE!
The Rainforest Café was right across from our hotel and just like the name says-it’s like a Rainforest! There was a shop, two-story waterfall and salt-water aquariums everywhere, along with Jungle Animals everywhere! Went to Shedd Aquarium and I think we saw every fish known to man. We all liked the saw mouth-looking shark! The very unique sea horses were so fancy; I have never seen anything like them! We checked into Essex Hotel that is right next to Grant Park. It was ok, except for the short beds!

Walked over to Sears Tower and went up to sky deck and we were glad we did we could see for miles-no fog! Ate at the restaurant at Essex Hotel called the Savoy and everyone had different types of food: Mark-Greek, Zac-Chicago-Style Footlong, Rachel-Italian Chicken Parmesan, Tracey-Mexican Chicken Fahita. Went back to our room and Tracey took the kids swimming while Mark went to sleep. The pool was neat with flags hanging from the window-top roof! It was already dark so we couldn’t really see a view. We watched a program on unique McDonald’s in North America on the Travel Channel before bed.

Thursday –
Rainy low 50s
Today we checked out of the hotel and went to the big McDonald’s next to Best Western River North. This McDonald’s is two stories and glass all around, next to the Hard Rock and The Rainforest Café. They had windows back into the past like 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… it was neat to look into the past. Went to the Museum of Science & Industry. This was a nice place to see how Industry has grown, automation, learned about refining petroleum, farming, electricity, the U505 German Submarine we captured in 1944 WWII. Our feet were so tired, so we left around 3:30 and went on the Skyway back to Indiana. We attempted to stop at a BP Gas station and get drinks but you could not even go into the store. You had to go to a window and ask for what you wanted. Of course there was a guy ordering all kind of snacks ahead of Mark so we just left. –He didn’t get the right Doritos that he asked for LOL HAAAA!
We headed “Back Home Again in Indiana!” - It’s good to be home. We like Chicago and it’s a great place to visit, but it’s expensive having to pay to park everywhere you go! We sure couldn’t live with so many people…we like our more relaxed home in the suburbs of Indiana!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Looking Forward to Chicago...

Google let's me create my map for our Chicago Trip-how cool, I can mark all the places we want to go! We are so looking forward to a couple days in the Windy City...I will followup here and let you know what fun stuff we did! Of course Rachel will be bringing Marisol along with us to the American Girl Place! She's already been to Kauai, Hawaii, now she gets to go to Chicago!!! What a lucky doll.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Puppy Mills

I cried when I saw the Investigations into Puppy Mills Show on Oprah. She had mentioned that her dog of 13 years Sophie had died. They had a special memorial video of her and it made me cry because I just lost Nipper. The next time I am looking for a dog I will definitely go to a shelter. If you want to rescue a dog here is a great RESOURCE! It is just not right and should be against the law for doing what these people do to these dogs at Puppy Mills. I am sad that Nipper is gone, however I have Simon to keep me company...and if we ever want to get another dog I will definitely adopt one from a Shelter that rescues them from these MEAN Puppy Mills. -Mean People SUCK!

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