Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Summer So Far!

Well it's been a crazy summer so far...some lazy days with the kids but much running around with them as well. The kids have already been to CYO camp the first week after school and had a great time. We finished up Baseball with Zac as he played for two teams in the last tournament games but did not go very far on the bracket. He has fun anyway playing baseball and working this summer cutting grass! He has also started guitar lessons! Even though this year we had to fix his nose from a baseball accident in the outfield... now it's straight again :) Here is a photo of his nose and how crooked it was before his surgery.

Rachel's Softball team did not go on in the tournament but her old coach won, which made us happy because he beat the team that beat us in the tournament! Coach Chris & Chad are her All-Star coaches and that makes her happy to play for them. They have always been encouraging to her as they teach her more than her regular coaches did this past spring. She has also been doing lessons with a college student who teached batting and slapping. She has a bad case of poison ivy now which made her miserable this past weekend as we attended the Decateur Tournament for All-Stars and we got killed! Rach scored the only run stealing home and she walked to first on that one! Pretty CRAZY! Here are photos of her playing and scoring the only run!

"I don't want to GOLF here people! ..can you pitch me a good ball? ... Ok, I'll walk!

"She's SAFE...She scores the only run!"
The kids are now with Mark's mom & dad's in Cinci until Thursday. They are going to Kings Island this evening and I hope they have good weather and tons of FUN! I opted to stay home and get some things accomplished, like writing my blog (since I haven't for about a month & a half!) Here are the kids group photos from CYO Camp - More Summer Fun to come....

Zac is the one in dark blue and Ryan is next to him in grey...aren't they cute???
Rachel is at the top in pink :)

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