Friday, January 26, 2007


I took this photo in December 2006. We were hoping the Colts would keep up their winning streek...but when we saw the blue dalmatian on top of the BLUE COLTS Fire Engine...the kids had to get their picture taken with it. The dog appropriately had a bowl in front of him that says SUPERBOWL, and we have a dalmatian! I said "wouldn't that be great if we made it to the superbowl and we had this photo!"...sure enough! Here we are. What a long road, but WE BELIEVE IN BLUE!....GO COLTS!

Dem Jeans

Today I got Zac some new jeans because he is growing so much. I got him a couple pair of Levis that were a little distressed and I think they are cool.! Zac liked the Jeans and was so funny when I held them up to show him... He said "I'm THAT BIG???" Then I said "yeah dude, you wear 14s...I know, I do your laundry-STOP GROWING!" It was so funny for him to say that...Maybe he still thinks he's a little tike in his little pants. I hope he remembers he'll always be my little buddy! But would someone find a cure for growing up PLEASE... to keep him little!

Colts Playoffs

Wow, the Colts played their heart out in the playoffs! We dressed in our Colts gear and Rach & I had Colt Helmet Tatoos on our FACE! We had fun over at Mike's and it was good to see them again last Sunday! Now we have to wait for the Superbowl! We are phyched!...GO COLTS...SUPERBOWL BOUND!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


GO COLTS! We are in playoffs and play the Patriots here. WOW, if they can win in Baltimore with all those mean people...they should be able to kick em all! It's our turn to get that superbowl ring. so...everyone get ready for the COLTS!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Girl Scout Cookie Time Again

Yes, it's Girl Scout Cookie time again! Rachel is selling cookies so get your orders into us in the next couple of weeks. Orders will be in probably around the end of February. You can pay at time of delivery, or if you want to send me a check ahead of time, just know that they won't be cashed until probably March. You can make checks payable to GSHC (Girl Scouts of the Hoosier Capital). Here is the website to look at the cookies:
They cost $3.50 a box.
Thanks! And tell all of your friends you know a Brownie Girl Scout!
You can sent orders to me at my email address: mailto:

Monday, January 08, 2007


WOW I just got the SCRAPPED movie on DVD and watched it as soon as it arrived! Well, after enjoying it very much...this guy (Wes) really got me at the end and I was choaked up!

I am impressed with Wes and getting other men involved in telling their story. So often it falls on the wife and mother. Why can't the MEN get out there and soul search a bit? husband doesn't scrapbook, he is an automation engineer and liked watching the Creating Memories segment on his DVD, however he is a supportive husband of my addiction to scrapbooking. His addiction is woodworking so I love the photo with him and his layout holding a WRENCH! It is now my background on my computer!!! Ha (He didn't probable ever think he'd be that inspirational!?)

I live in Indiana and have been on a design team at a local scrapbook store and I also teach there and recently had a 60+year old man customer who wanted to document his life in photographs. I consulted with him on a couple of occassions to give him ideas and it is truly great to see men getting into this hobby that I love. I believe Digital Photography has something to do with all of this!

If you are a scrapper you gotta check out: and then you gotta read his blog: I commented on his blog and told him that he has inspired me to journal more to compliment my artistic layouts! Since I am getting older my memory is fading and I feel like I need to write more things down...I feel like I am missing out on a lot. I always think I will remember what to say, but can't. WRITE IT DOWN! That is my new resolution! 2007 Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Anticipation of Hawaii Travel

I am so excited to announce we are going to Hawaii this year. We will be going March 3rd, 2007 for a full week! We will be staying with Mark's mom & dad and where they vacation every winter in Kauai and part of the Marriott Resort! I made this collage in anticipation of our trip. I can't wait!!! It will be the trip of a lifetime! Posted by Picasa

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