Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greenway Giddy Up

Friday (10/12/07) - We got there around 6:30 to the Greenway Giddy-Up and tried to set up camp before it got too dark. It was freezing so we made a fire and sat and enjoyed some marshmallows and pizzas cooked over the fire with Linda’s Griller for the fire…that thing is awesome! We are camped right behind the main tent and it should be interesting being able to see all the action like a front row seat! They had a movie tonight for the kids “BLACK BEAUTY”. The girls watched some of it but got board, so we sat around the fire and had good conversation looking at all the stars in the sky, until it was time for bed. We sacked out around 11pm and it was so cold (below 40 degrees), But the morning came and brought us warmth!
Saturday (10/13/07) - We got up and the fire was still smoldering so it was easy to start. Linda and I had a leisurely awakening and went to get coffee in the tent, so we didn’t have to make coffee. The day warmed up quite nicely and was approaching 70 degrees. The sun came out and the clouds were few. The girls played in the straw pile with a couple of other kids and played the bean toss game. They also found some hula-hoops and played the game where you hold hands and try to bring the hula-hoop through without letting go.
We went to the Iddy-Bitty Giddy Up where they have small pony rides and carriage rides so Emily got to experience a horse for the first time! Rachel actually got to drive the carriage for a short while and it was fun! Linda and I made Grilled Cheese over the fire for lunch before we were off for our ride on the trail for our reservations at 1pm. It was a great experience to just ride a trail with a guide and see the reservoir with the surroundings and take it all in! Tracey was in front, but behind our guide, so couldn’t see the people behind, then a man, Linda, then the man’s wife, then Rachel & Emily, trailing behind them was the other guide. It was about an hour ride as Tracey rode a horse called ARTI, Rachel rode PATIENCE, Emily rode SNIP and Linda rode a horse named Mr. Chubby. They were all nice horses and very pretty!
We headed back to camp and relaxed a bit, when a man approached with a beautiful horse named CHAMPION. So Tracey had to pet him and the man offered her a ride in our area. She got up on the horse, like she knew what she was doing…HAA! Well, the horse wanted to go flirt with the other horses by the campsite so he didn’t go far…which was fine with her! Later that day a girl got hurt as she rode a horse who went out of control and she fell off and hit her head on a truck tire! Tracey saw part of it until she couldn’t see the rider anymore because of a trailer blocking her view. So, Rachel and Tracey ran over to see what happened to the girl. The Paramedics came and later we found out she was going to be ok, THANK GOODNESS!!!
We met a couple that had their grandson with them. Her name was LuAnn and they had three beautiful horses. We visited with them and watched them saddle their horses. The boy’s horse was pretty and black with a white sock. Her name was LILLY. The night was a fun one…with a local Girl Scout troop coming to organize kid games. Rachel helped do the face painting and Emily assisted with the ring toss. They had cute games set up like a fair! For the ring toss they used the hula-hoops and had a blow up dolphin to try to get the rings over! They got some prizes for helping the Girl Scouts out. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner and then a singer and a band that was really great! The girls met the daughter of the people that we rented the horses from and her name was Shana. They had tons of fun with her! They jumped in the staw pile and danced around with her while the music played! We stayed up til about 11pm and the night wasn’t as cold as the night before, it was still about 50 degrees and chilly.
Sunday (10/14/07) - The girls decided they wanted to do the Scavenger Hunt with Shana (that actually went on yesterday) but just for fun! So they went around trying to find different things in nature. We met a lady named Sue as her husband rode her BLONDE horse! (She had blonde hair too!) We packed up camp and decided to venture back home around 1:00. We made it back to Linda’s home a little after 2pm and home finally around 2:30. All In All, we would definitely go back again. Great People and Great FUN! Zac had a Baseball game and they played Arcadia’s team- The Huskies and led most of the first part of the game until they lost by 2 points in the end. Booooooo!

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